• Ultimate Patient Experience

    Mobile Anesthesiologists always works with our patient’s best interests in mind, clinically and financially.

  • Exceptional Clinical Support

    Physician-only staff and critical care trained nurses ensures you are receiving the best anesthesia services available.

  • Experts in Your Specialty

    Mobile Anesthesiologists provides customized solutions tailored for your specific anesthesia and office need.

  • Maximize Your Opportunities

    Take advantage of a growing number of procedure’s enhanced reimbursements across all specialties in the office setting.

Physician Benefits of Office-based Surgery with Mobile Anesthesiologists of Chicago

  • Better, more efficient caseload handling – take back full control of your schedule and caseload
  • Take advantage of enhanced reimbursements and increase your revenue opportunities
  • Improve patient satisfaction and increase your referral base
  • Unparalleled expertise and clinical support with our physician-only model
  • Comprehensive offering includes all anesthesia related meds, supplies and equipment, all necessary emergency meds and supplies including a crash cart, and critically care trained nurses with every procedure.

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Patient Benefits of Office-based Surgery with Mobile Anesthesiologists of Chicago

  • More comfortable and convenient – encounter a less intimidating environment and a greater sense of privacy you would not necessarily experience in a hospital
  • Highest level of clinical expertise and support available
  • Minimized out of pocket costs – more cost effective than the hospital

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Mobile Anesthesiologists of Chicago is proud to be accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) Since 1999

AAAHCThis is an important milestone in the continuing growth and success of our health care organization. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of quality in the care of our patients as well as in our business practices.

By achieving this “stamp of approval” from AAAHC in a state that does not require accreditation, we have proven to have met the rigorous standards of this nationally-recognized third party organization. We will continue to not only meet this challenge, but also to consistently uphold the principles of quality improvement in all aspects of patient care in the future.

This is one major piece in our efforts to strive for nothing but excellence when servicing our patients. We will continue all of our efforts to be the gold standard in this field, constantly improving our policies and practices to offer you the best anesthesia care available.

A Safe, More Cost-Effective Alternative to the Hospital

The cost of practicing medicine continues to rise with increased insurance premiums and reduced payer reimbursements forcing physicians to work overtime just to maintain their current level of practice revenue. In order to regain some control over costs, many physicians are exploring the creation of their own surgical suites and migrating many additional procedures to their offices.

With advances in medical technology significantly increasing the number of outpatient surgery possibilities, physicians are able to expand their services and become more competitive in their local market, while also capturing facility fees, which were previously exclusive to hospitals. Additionally, the delivery of medical care in the office setting is as safe as the hospital setting, but significantly less expensive.