10 Benefits of Using Mobile Anesthesiologists

There are many ways to measure the success of a business. For the team at Mobile Anesthesiologists, we point to a few statistics and facts:
• A client retention rate of 95+%.
• Majority of large clients have been with us for 10+ years
• No medical malpractice settlements in over 12 years and 300,000 cases
• High employee retention rate for service consistency. About half of our physicians have been us for more than a decade.

What these tell us is that: 1) clients value our services; 2) service quality has remained high, even as our company has grown; 3) we consistently provide patients with safe, high-quality care; and 4) our team members find working for Mobile Anesthesiologists — and serving its clients — a fulfilling experience, which contributes to client and patient satisfaction.

Why should your office-based surgical practice take a closer look at what Mobile Anesthesiologists can do for you?

Here are 10 of the most significant benefits you can anticipate when you partner with us — five qualitative and five quantitative.

1. Adapt to your needs.

Whatever anesthesia services your practice needs to perform procedures, we can deliver — and do so seamlessly. Need staff? Our physician-only anesthesia providers and critical care-trained nurses deliver the best care possible. Worried about the equipment needed for our services and these procedures? We can bring it all, from monitors to drug and supplies, to all emergency items. Don’t think you have the space? We likely have a solution for that as well. We’ve set up a floating surgical suite to provide a general aesthetic in a strip mall dental office. A urology clinic thought it would need new construction or relocation to accommodate surgery. Not the case. Among our solutions was turning its exam rooms into temporary procedure rooms with appropriate pre- and post-op areas.

We are happy to work with clients to customize their existing space, while also making sure there is no compromise in safety or compliance. Our turnkey model is built to be a mobile surgery center to allow you the same, or better, safety standards as a surgery center in the convenience of your office or clinic without the cost or headache.

2. Flexible to your schedule and growth.

We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible for our clients. We understand that some days are busier than others, and physicians’ schedules are only becoming more volatile. That’s why we work closely with clients to take care of the pre-operative process for them once a patient is scheduled. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible on the physician and the office staff. Since office-based surgery is experiencing rapid growth as a result of the continued migration from the inpatient setting to achieve cost savings, we’re prepared to support these cases even as they become more invasive. We enjoy helping clients set their offices up for office-based surgical success, and that has created the client partnerships we enjoy years.

We are willing to do an assessment of your facility along with a trial of our services with no additional commitments, so you can see the value and expertise firsthand.

3. Physician anesthesiologist-led model.

All our anesthesia providers are physicians. All our nurses are trained in critical care. And they’re experts in the specialties they serve. Why does this matter to us? We are committed to never shortcutting the quality of the personnel we provide to our clients. While emergencies are rare, they do happen, and we want to ensure our personnel are equipped to step in and handle the situation.

When we consider adding someone to our clinical staff, we ask ourselves: “Would we want this person caring for us or a loved one?” Because in this setting, there is no “code button” to hit with several emergency personnel jumping in to assist the situation. Knowing that, we want the staff that is most well trained and equipped to handle any and all situations. Let us bring the gold standard of quality care and emergency preparedness to your office. This IS the future of ambulatory surgery.

4. Focused on your satisfaction.

We know we can keep patients safe and make sure they receive exceptional care. The true test of our abilities as a service provider is how effectively we work with a practice’s physicians and staff. As our client retention rate demonstrates, we do this remarkably well.

There are several reasons why. We specialize in office-based surgical care. It’s our bread and butter. And we treat offices like they are VIPs. Not only is it what they deserve, but offices are our lifeblood. Anesthesia groups that specialize in hospital services tend to treat offices like second-class citizens (whether they mean to or not) because it isn’t the most important or focused area of their organization. These groups are happy to take on the work and generate some extra money, but offices are not their top priority or specialty.

The team members we send to our clients must work effectively and efficiently with office staff and do so in a manner that maintains high client satisfaction. They solely work in this environment and quickly become experts in a quickly growing sector of the industry. That is something we pride ourselves on and it has been that way since 1996 when we first started Mobile.

5. Optimal patient experience.

We recognize that, when it comes to providing the most effective provision of care, every patient is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand patients’ needs by meeting with them preoperatively and optimize the delivery of anesthesia to meet these needs. Our approach takes into consideration several factors, the most important being safety. We also work to reduce anxiety, expedite recovery, eliminate post-op pain and nausea, and minimize cost — much of which is supported by our preferred approach of using Propofol through IV and not intubating patients, so they stay spontaneously breathing. This allows patients to wake up quicker with minimal side effects, so they get the best of what anesthesia can offer in this setting by combining comfort and care.

6. No startup or ongoing per case expenses.

One of the biggest obstacles to adding anesthesia is the concern of additional cost. That’s why we eliminate this factor from the equation. With our unique and longstanding billing model with the insurance carriers, we can collect fair market value from them so there is no cost to you. All of the anesthesia-related equipment, supplies and medications — including those for emergency situations like a defibrillator and crash cart — are purchased, managed, brought in, and maintained by us. For larger groups, this start-up cost and easily amount to $250,000.

7. Optimized patient flow.

Our processes, approach to workflow, and expertise in administering the optimal anesthetic to achieve the shortest and safest recovery times delivers substantial — and measurable — results. Want to grow your revenue? We free up time so that you can do more cases or see more patients in the same number hours. Happy with your revenue? Keep the same number of cases and take advantage of the new available time to do whatever you please. You may be able to reduce costs by shortening staff schedules as well or repurposing them to tackle the growing to-do list in other parts of the practice. We’ve seen up to 75% cuts in total patient time at an office for a procedure when compared to other anesthesia services and providers. Our comprehensive service model was built, and staff were uniquely trained to deliver that optimized flow. This can even expand into assisting on facility design and procedural flow.

8. Grow volume with ease.

As noted earlier, more — and often higher acuity — procedures are making their way into office-based surgical practices. If physicians are confident in their ability to perform these cases, our team is prepared to support them. Our physician anesthesiologists and critical care trained nurses know what’s required to deliver exceptional outcomes with procedures such as UroLift, balloon sinuplasty, shoulder and knee arthroscopy, ACL repairs, polyp removal, and endometrial ablation. We also keep our clients informed about new procedures they may want to consider adding based on new reimbursement incentives from the insurance carriers. Each year there are a list of procedures that offer facility reimbursements to incentive physicians to move procedures from the hospital or ASC where the costs can be exorbitant.

By adding procedures in specialties such as Orthopedics or Urology, our clients can make up for lost revenue as cuts continue to come. Some larger cases can bring in thousands of dollars per procedure. This is a way to protect your practice by bringing in facility-related revenue to your bottom line and taking more control of your patients’ wellness and care.

9. More money in your pocket.

When procedures are performed in the office, all reimbursement stays with the practice’s physicians. This contrasts with performing procedures in a hospital (with reimbursement going to the hospital) or an ambulatory surgery center, where physician owners only receive a percentage of the center’s profits. In an office, 100% of the money captured goes to YOUR office. Why give up a larger piece of the entire surgical costs that you have earned and at the same time lower your patients’ out of pocket costs? You and your patients win and that is all that matters, and we can guarantee that it happens.

10. Advanced data tracking.

As the tracking and measurement of data has taken on a greater significance within the industry, we’ve kept pace. We believe we’ve even set the pace. Our team tracks all key performance indicators, including case cancelations and reasons, recovery time, room turnover, patient satisfaction, unusual occurrences, patient balances, and postoperative nausea/vomiting. We share this data with our clients to help support benchmarking efforts and identify opportunities for improvement across the entire clinical workflow. We are always improving and best practices are always at the top of our mind. We can also provide this information to organizations requesting it, such as accrediting bodies and payers as an additional value-add.

Our relationship with our clients is about cementing a long-term partnership that will only grow over time. We are excited for you to talk to our current clients and experience for yourself everything that we promise to deliver for you and your patients.


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