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4 Reasons Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Move Procedures In-Office

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See the Reasons Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Move Procedures In-Office

Reason #1: Advances in Anesthesia and Surgical Care

The Modernization of Anesthesia has Played a Clear Role in the Site of Service Transition to Office-Based Procedures.

Physicians are choosing their offices to perform procedures instead of the hospital or ASC to regain control over their schedules. Work-life balance improves with performing procedures in one’s office. Physicians appreciate a more efficient, streamlined calendar with no additional travel required. Generational preferences also contribute to this shift.

Reason #2: The Evolution of Technology

With Technology Rapidly Advancing, Many Factors Have Supported the Movement Toward Office-Based Procedures.

Unhappy with delays and politics typical in a hospital/surgery center setting, device companies saw an opportunity to evolve their products to make them attainable for independent physician offices.

Today’s lighter weight, portable devices are intuitive to use and less expensive than their predecessors. It was this line of thinking that also led to the development of monitoring and emergency equipment which allow for certain procedures to be safely performed in an office.

Reason #3: Industry and Generational Priorities

Don’t Overlook Less Obvious Drivers for Today’s Site of Service Transformation. Industry Changes Such as M&A and Generational Needs Can Play a Huge Factor.

Physicians, however, want greater control over where they treat their patients; and therefore, greater control over charges. More often than not, the in-office procedure model is more affordable for the patient and more profitable for the physician.

Reason #4: Reimbursement

Physicians Are Always Looking for Innovative Ways To Improve Their Bottom Line. Moving Procedures to Physician Offices Is a Great Way to Start.

Time is more valuable than any other resource today and this is no different for physicians. The office setting provides the most effective and productive environment in terms of ROI (return on investment) especially with adding office-based procedures to the mix.

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