Anesthesia’s Role in Physician Office Accreditation

Accreditation requirements for office-based surgery vary by state, with some states having no requirements at all. And while there is no blanket mandate, accreditation is becoming increasingly common because of the many benefits it has to offer. Accreditation provides physicians with a roadmap for strengthening patient safety efforts. It also demonstrates to patients and staff that processes are in place to ensure the highest quality of care. For these reasons, accreditation can be viewed as a competitive differentiator, attracting potential patients as well as more qualified personnel. Accreditation can also improve access to, and even reduce the cost of liability insurance coverage.

Preparing for accreditation (and accreditation renewal) is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Detailed documentation is required to demonstrate that standards are in place to ensure procedures are consistently performed in a safe manner. Extensive anesthesia requirements must also be met and documented. These requirements vary and are dependent upon the complexity of procedures performed and level of anesthesia necessary.

Anesthesia-specific standards and guidelines can be difficult to understand, especially by those without a background in anesthesia. Physician offices that leverage their anesthesia provider’s expertise and knowledge can substantially alleviate some of the accreditation burden.

Here’s how Mobile Anesthesiologists helps clients with their accreditation needs.

Our approach is proactive. A key differentiator when working with Mobile Anesthesiologists is our proactive approach to accreditation and renewals. Our team will periodically create simulation scenarios for our clients to participate in. Or if the client prefers, Mobile Anesthesiologists will run the simulations, which our clients can use as their required drills.

If an event occurs at our client’s site, we will submit an incident report to our quality committee at Mobile Anesthesiologists. Our team will proactively conduct a root-cause discovery followed by a debriefing with practice staff. Even if the physician office conducts its own root-cause analysis, we will do one as well to ensure nothing is missed.

We believe in education. More than just stating that documentation must be done properly and/or writing policies and procedures for staff to follow, our consultants take the time to educate physician office staff and management on why things must be done in accordance with accreditation requirements. People are more apt to change a behavior, or adhere to one, when they understand consequences of non-compliance.

Rather than dictating our policies and procedures to the facilities we work in, we take the time to understand their needs, policies and procedures. This includes creating customized facility operational notes to ensure Mobile Anesthesiologist team members onsite are aware of our client’s specific policies and procedures.

We live it therefore we know it. At Mobile Anesthesiologists we work closely with our client to oversee the anesthesia portion of accreditation processes. We don’t just read every standard and guideline; we continually monitor and document our own compliance. In doing so we can readily provide results of our work in addition to back up documentation (including quality studies, infection control rounds, and the resulting audits) when needed. For clients without anesthesia policies in place, we have the expertise and experience to write them.

Mobile Anesthesiologist has followed every accreditation step for over 20 years therefore we understand the processes our clients will go through. This means our knowledge of the accreditation process extends beyond just anesthesia to include credentialing, human resource files, quality improvement, infection control, emergency preparedness, and more.

We specialize in physician offices. A hospital OR and a physician office are run very differently. Therefore, anesthesia policies and procedures will greatly differ. Mobile Anesthesiologists is focused exclusively on the office-based surgical space. We know the proper policies, protocols, and procedures that are required for our clients to obtain accreditation.

Obtaining accreditation is an arduous process, but with the right anesthesia partner it can be significantly less stressful and ominous.


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