Anesthesiologists Are Essential to Patient Safety

Patient Safety Awareness Week is a dedicated time to raise awareness of healthcare safety and to recognize the positive work being done. It’s also a prime opportunity to acknowledge the important role anesthesiologists play in ensuring patient safety, especially in office-based surgical environments.

Surgical procedures are steadily moving away from hospital and surgery centers and into physician offices. This site of service transition is driven, in part, by patient preferences and financial incentives for both physicians and insurance payers, and it is enabled by advances in technology and medicine.

Following are three ways Mobile Anesthesiologists helps its office-based surgical partners maintain the highest patient safety standards.

1. As with any surgical procedure, there is always a certain level of risk. Should an emergency arise, our personnel are prepared and equipped. Our anesthesia providers are physicians and all of our nurses are trained in critical care.

2. Mobile Anesthesiologists is a turn-key, outsourced, perioperative anesthesia partner. We provide all anesthesia-related supplies, equipment, and medications. We use state-of-the-art devices to closely monitor patients’ breathing, heart rhythm, blood pressure and oxygen concentration in their blood to ensure the safety of each patient.

3. We specialize exclusively in office-based surgical care, therefore our clients are our top priority. Mobile Anesthesiologists works to minimize staff rotation, and assigns clients a dedicated team of anesthesiologists and nurses that integrate as part of the office team. By integrating ourselves we learn how a facility and its staff work together, which greatly reduces the chance for error.

Patient safety is our top priority. We deliver the highest level of clinical care and patient experience while enhancing the operational and financial goals of our clients. Mobile Anesthesiologists has a client retention rate of greater than 95 percent and more than two decades of experience and success exclusively in the physician office space.

This article was also featured in Becker’s ASC Review.


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