Are You Confident in the Quality of Your GI Referral Network?

Mobile Anesthesiologists is a turn-key, office-based anesthesia provider.  We can help you increase patient compliance with colorectal cancer screenings and ease the burden of the overall referral process, thus increasing your revenue.

PCP Value: A smoother referral system linking to outpatient procedures leading to increased patient compliance, resulting in healthier patient outcomes.  As well, a significant reduction in out of pocket costs to the patient, providing an exponential revenue stream that makes its way back to the practice.

Does your team follow a simple, no aggravation referral workflow? Is that workflow well received by the referral network provider? Are you able to get your patients in and out of the specialist’s door with ease? If your GI referral workflow could use some help – contact us today.  Let us help you evaluate your method and strategically set your team up for success!

Have you considered which other preventative care services can be met in an office-based setting? Patient compliance brings additional revenue to your practice! We can help!


"The Mobile Way Forward" Episode 1 Available Now

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