BIZNICAL: A Clinician’s Perspective – What is the Leadership Team Even Doing Up There?

A clinician’s first thought is about delivering quality care to the patient. You are at the bedside making sure you are vigilant, empathetic, and treating each patient as if he/she was your own family member. Did I ever pause and think about what I was doing and how it affects each department on the administrative side; whether it be how many supplies and meds I am using and making sure that it is documented for the billing team? Did I think about verifying insurance or if we have all the credentialing paperwork up to date for this surgeon? Quite honestly, do I even know what they are doing in the office while I am at the bedside caring for the patients? My answer was no. And because I don’t know and am working so hard to care for the patient, do I immediately assume the administration and office staff don’t understand and are doing less than I am? My experience has shown that this is way too common in healthcare and is a false assumption that needs correcting.

I feel WE ALL need to know what everyone is doing in order to be aligned as an organization. If we can understand and embrace all aspects of the organization then we can work cohesively in delivering the highest standard of care. We can then begin to form a culture that shares the same message, goals, and mission. Everyone is working towards the greater good just in different ways so instead of coming into the administrative office and heading straight to HR to discuss your 401K, let’s stop at each department, say hello, and find out what they do to make this operation run every single day. Understanding the business side of things allows me to provide better care to my patients and ultimately keep the practice healthy in all facets, even ones I may not understand, but are vital to the sustainability of our future. The hours put in behind the computers and on the telephones working to get us paid was eye opening, and something I will never take for granted again. The time spent marketing, developing new business, researching, and staying ahead of the competition was inspirational and beyond anything I could have imagined. When business and clinical are working in sync I have witnessed first-hand how impactful and productive this can be to the organization as a whole.

Instead of assuming the worst or being in the dark about the areas and personnel you do not understand, give yourself a chance to get acquainted with it and decide for yourself based on the facts of what really goes on there. I promise that you will be amazed and appreciative of everything they do, and then realize that without all of that, you couldn’t do what you do day in and day out. Having the peace of mind in knowing your non-clinical team members also have the best interest of the patient in mind and are making sure back-office distractions and obstacles don’t get in your way, allows you to focus solely on the health of the patient in front of you. We need them and they need us; one is not more important than the other, and once you realize that, the future is as bright as ever.


Heather Fallon
Chief Clinical Officer
Mobile Anesthesiologists


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