BIZNICAL: Entering a Clinical World with a Business Background – Now What?

As a non-clinician, there are many challenges one goes through when attempting to become a leader in the healthcare space. I was concerned about my lack of clinical credentials and the connotation that comes with being a “business person” in this industry. It left me with plenty of insecurities and concerns as I tried to establish a career here.

Initially, it was about educating myself on the work that we do, the services we provide, and how we impact our clients and partners. It was also important that I demonstrated a work ethic that showed my commitment to the mission and an understanding of the most important clinical components, so I could help support our clinical staff. I was hoping this would allow me to gain some credibility and trust from my clinical colleagues and show them that I was there to make their lives easier along the way. The other key piece was finding certain doctors and nurses that understood the value of the work I was doing and saw how I could make their jobs more fulfilling and make the practice stronger. The relationships I built with the founder, senior staff, and a staff nurse (who soon became our clinical leader), laid the foundation for my career path and the positive trajectory that allowed me to be successful in this space.

From these relationships, a partnership formed between Clinical and Business with an understanding of the value and benefits that would come from both sides working together in harmony. We needed to educate one another and patiently see the other side. We needed to stay curious and trust that compromise for mutual benefit was possible. Our clinical operations leader’s passion and commitment to patient care gave me the motivation to be at my best for her and the team. She appreciated my dedication, and this built a communication channel and collaborative decision-making process that turned a practice that was going under into the thriving, national organization that it is today. BIZNICAL was formed and it would become our key core trait that everything else would be built on.


Scott Mayer
Chief Executive Officer
Mobile Anesthesiologists


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