Creating a Positive Experience Between Physicians and Anesthesia Providers

When visiting someone’s home it is important to be gracious and show respect. Otherwise, you won’t be invited back. The same holds true for anesthesia providers working in physician-based office settings.

No one looks forward to a houseguest that is needy, disrupts routines, or simply won’t pitch in to help. This type of behavior is not enjoyable for anyone. This is especially true in a busy surgical office where stress levels are elevated prior to a procedure. Surgeons and staff go to great lengths to ease a patient’s nerves by creating a calm, organized, and inviting environment. This feeling of positivity should not stop when the anesthesia team. In fact, it should only get better.

Similar to a good houseguest, your anesthesia team should be a pleasant addition to your team and someone you look forward to seeing. They should contribute to a safe, positive environment and help to increase efficiency of patient flow and room turnovers without disrupting the existing office workflow.

At Mobile Anesthesiologists we attribute our client retention rate of more than 95 percent largely to our ability to work well with others and proactive planning. We focus on teamwork and efficiency, without jeopardizing patient care. Our anesthesiologist and nurse team take the time get to know our clients. This includes understanding a surgeon’s preferences and the flow of the office. Simultaneously we work closely with each patient to understand his or her unique anesthetic needs during the pre-op process to ensure the best possible recovery experience. Our team arrives fully equipped with whatever medical supplies and devices are needed, or might be needed in case of an emergency, to ensure a smooth peri-operative experience for everyone. Set-up is seamless and is handled quietly behind the scenes by our expert technicians. Because Mobile Anesthesiologists is focused exclusively on the physician office space, we understand the unique needs of our clients. Our office clients are our priority.

At Mobile Anesthesiologists it is never about us. It is about the surgeon, office staff, the patient, and the patient’s family. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for everyone. When our talented team of anesthesiologists and nurses walk through our client’s door, you can always expect us to be respectful, gracious, and attentive. We look forward to visiting your “home” and making sure we are invited back!


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