Reminder: Don’t Hire the Resume, Hire the Person

The outfit was carefully selected, every hair in place. The resume and prestigious degree, equally impressive. The accolades and field talents were all there. Every box was checked and all the right words said. Another graduate from a prestigious school with a “perfect” record, hired!

Unfortunately, perfect turned out to be far from that. The dream new hire was more interested in money than medicine. Each patient represented an additional zero tacked on to a paycheck. It was about building the overflowing bank account, not helping and healing patients. Adding insult to injury, after a few short months on the job this “perfect hire” collected their items and walked out the door to a more lucrative position elsewhere. Sadly this scenario is playing out in hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices throughout the country. Cash has taken over heart in healthcare. And while a resume with a prestigious school listed may appear to be an obvious hire (and many times it is), clearly this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it is best to hire the perfect fit over the perfect resume.

Searching for the right person can be a time-consuming process. In the long run it is well worth the wait, for both the facility and its patients.

Hiring an individual is much more than a resume, the answers and the outfit. It’s also about fitting into the culture of a facility. This means getting to know the candidate’s mission and values. If there isn’t a shared vision among staff, over time the issues will become increasingly more prevalent. Personality tests and shadow interviews where they go out onsite with a team are great ways to really get to know a candidate.

Don’t overlook potential candidates simply because they are fast talkers or stumble during the interview process. Take the time to dig deeper, otherwise the perfect candidate, not only for the position but for the entire staff family, may slip by undetected.


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