• Mobile helps you to better serve your patients, while maximizing the efficiency of your practice.

    Mobile Anesthesiologists® (MA) has created an innovative, value-centric approach geared toward Gastroenterologists looking to maximize the efficiency of their practice. Our comprehensive model is offered at no cost to you and has been shown to significantly increase the profitability of your practice while improving patient satisfaction and quality of care.

    Increased revenue opportunities

    Recent changes in insurance reimbursement offer incentives for Gastroenterologists to bring procedures into the office. By utilizing MA where conscious sedation was previously used, physicians have seen average caseloads increase by 28%.

    Decreased practice expenses

    MA provides all the necessary anesthesia related drugs, supplies and equipment along with Board-Certified/Eligible Anesthesiologists and ICU/ER experienced nurses for pre-op and recovery. Your clinical staff that was responsible for sedation can now be used in different capacities.

    Improved OR efficiency

    MA’s trained staff will take into consideration the factors imperative to the success of your practice and work closely with your team.