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The Mobile Way Forward. A Healthy Approach.
You Don’t Have to Visit a Hospital to Stay Healthy.


“The current COVID 19 situation has changed the way we do a lot of things, including how we take care of our patients. We are closely following guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Illinois Department of Public Health to ensure the safety of our patients and staff”

Archie Buddhadev, MD

What made you the most nervous about starting procedures up again in your office?

“I was panic-stricken trying to figure out how to create a process for patient COVID testing and get PPE for our staff after our office decided we would re-open after a 10-week closure.

Mobile came through for COVID testing and has partnered with us to obtain PPE for our staff and theirs and ultimately make sure all staff and patients are protected.”

Angie, Office Manager for a Gastroenterology Practice

I never initially thought Mobile would be able and willing to be part of that process, but they put it all together for us which was such a relief!

“We tried to see if we could set up testing for our patients with our local hospital but were told it was not possible”

Angie, Office Manager for a Gastroenterology Practice

Mobile provides COVID testing, PPE, and patient safety resources to help make our lives easier.

“Thank you, Mobile Anesthesiologists, for making it easy for my staff and patients. We didn’t have to set anything up and can operate as usual.”

10 + year Mobile Client and physician owner

I’m so thankful to be working for Mobile as they have always made patients and staff the priority.

“During this unusual time, they have gone the extra mile, in my opinion, to continue caring for patients and especially staff.  I’m proud and thankful to work for Mobile.”

Mobile Staff Nurse

Be Prepared For More Procedures

“7 of 10 that skipped receiving care expect to get care in the 3 months. We’re certainly there, and in many ways very safe and especially with low volumes in some places, we’re able to see people quickly. Come on in, please.”

Dr William Jaquis , American College of Emergency Physicians

Don’t Delay Seeking Care

“It’s really important that patients do not delay seeking care. We have seen an increase of severity of illness and chronic disease associated with patients not seeking timely care because of their fear of COVID-19 and we want to reassure patients that we have taken measures to ensure that the environment is safe.”

Dr. Maria Padin, The Chief Medical Officer of the Southern Dartmouth-Hitchcock Region/Community Group

Patient Screening Is The Key To Safety

“Those measures include screening every patient that enters a D-H facility, regular temperature checks for every patient in a D-H building, redesigned waiting rooms, and staggered appointment times for optimal social distancing. In some cases, patients who are waiting for appointments or procedures may even be asked to wait in their cars.”

Dr. Maria Padin, The Chief Medical Officer of the Southern Dartmouth-Hitchcock Region/Community Group

We are committed to finding the healthiest way forward for our patients, physician partners and team members.  We want to share the voices of our clinical team and hope you will join the conversation

Scott Mayer, CEO, Mobile Anesthesiologists

We don’t recommend the patient to wear gloves, as the virus doesn’t spread with touch alone. It can spread if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face. This can happen even while wearing gloves.

Archie Buddhadev, MD

We do recommend washing your hands often with antibacterial soap and hot water. Handwashing reduces the amounts of all types of germs and chemicals on hands. When using hand sanitizer, make sure to use enough so that you can cover the entire surface of your hands.  Rub your hands together until they are completely dry (CDC Guidelines).

Archie Buddhadev, MD

When coming in for a procedure you can find comfort in knowing that we are extensively cleaning every piece of equipment that is in patient care areas. 

“All of our staff are wearing proper personal protective equipment to ensure that we are protecting ourselves as well as our patients from coming into contact with the virus. Patient safety is and always will be our top priority. That includes ensuring that we are maintaining a clean and safe environment for our patients”.

Kim Touhy, Mobile RN

Every person should be wearing a mask or face covering while in any public place.

“There are many options for masks. Anyone can use a bandanna, a scarf, or a homemade mask. It is important to make sure that your nose and mouth are both covered. If you are making your own mask, make sure that there are multiple layers of fabric. The mask should fit snugly on your face, but make sure you are able to breathe comfortably. Make sure to wash your mask in between uses”

Kim Touhy, Mobile RN

What made you feel most at ease about having a procedure in your doctor’s office?

“I felt so much more comfortable after the Mobile nurse explained everything. She made me feel safe and also made me realize it was safer in the office than having to go to a hospital.”

Jordan, Patient after office-based procedure

How do you feel everything went overall with your pre-procedure experience?

“I didn’t want to have my procedure done during the COVID pandemic but my doctor said it would be OK.  I was told anesthesia would test me and the other patients for COVID first.  They told me over the phone what would happen which helped.  The nurse was wearing protective gear and it felt better the way everything was explained.”

Benjamin, Patient after office-based procedure

Complications Can Be Avoided

“If patients wait too long, they may need a longer hospitalization, have complications that could have been avoided – or worse.”

Dr. Marc Anthony de Moya, Chief of trauma and acute care surgery at Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin

Be Proactive With Your Health

“Waiting too long to seek care can cause a big difference in your outcome.”

Dr Nate Kupperman, Chair of Emergency Medicine at UC Davis Health

Make Your Health A Priority

You should not put off visiting your doctor if you are:

  • Managing chronic conditions

  • In need of medically necessary procedures, imaging and lab tests

  • Due for childhood immunizations

  • Dealing with extreme pain management

  • Due for time sensitive colonoscopies or mammograms

  • Having an emergency, like heart attacks, strokes, or intense abdominal pain

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Be Cautious, Not Afraid

“As we’re doing more testing the number of patients impacted by COVID-19, in our experience, are about five percent. That means about 95 percent of patients who experience illness or symptoms have things other than COVID-19.”

Dr. Maria Padin, The Chief Medical Officer of the Southern Dartmouth-Hitchcock Region/Community Group

You Don’t Have to Visit a Hospital to Take Care of Your Health

Mobile Anesthesiologists is committed to COVID-19 safety. From screenings up to 1 week prior to appointments to symptom evaluation upon entering facilities and adherence to CDC guidelines, our unwavering commitment to precautionary measures helps ensure the safety of our patients, team members, and our physicians. We believe this is the best way to help patients address their health concerns in their doctor’s office without the fear of COVID-19.

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20+ Years of Clinical and Financial Partnerships


Mobile Anesthesiologists always works with our patient’s best interests in mind, clinically and financially.


Physician-only staff and critical care trained nurses ensures you are receiving the best anesthesia services available.


Mobile Anesthesiologists provides customized solutions tailored for your specific anesthesia and office needs.


Take advantage of a growing number of procedures’ enhanced reimbursements across all specialties in the office setting.


As a patient, we understand that you may have questions and concerns including billing, and we happy to address them. Please visit our Patient Guidelines.





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Mobile’s focus is patient safety and experience and the staff show it every day. All our office staff has to do is show up and Mobile takes care of the rest.
– Susan, Nursing Coordinator, 3 MD GI Practice in the Western Suburbs of IL

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