Patient Information

  • Post-Operative Instructions

    For the next 24 hours DO NOT…

    Drive a car, operate any machinery or power tools.
    Engage in any strenuous activities requiring strength or motor coordination such as heavy household work and lifting of children.
    Drink any alcoholic beverages including beer.
    Take any sedatives, antihistamines or sleeping pills.
    Take any drugs not prescribed or approved by your physician.
    Make any important decisions or sign any important papers.

    Safety Tips:

    For your safety, you should have a responsible adult stay with you for the remainder of the day and overnight.

    You may resume your normal medications unless otherwise instructed by your surgeon.

    If you have any problems breathing, persistent nausea and vomiting, excessive bleeding or intolerable pain not relieved by pain medication or any other problems related to your surgery or anesthesia that you feel warrants attention, please notify your surgeon or local MA office. If the situation is urgent, have a responsible adult drive you to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

    Additional instructions ONLY for patients who received regional anesthesia:

    If you were given a block in the arm or leg, it may be numb up to 24 hours. It may also be insensitive to pain or extremes of temperatures. During the next 24 hours be careful not to expose the arm or leg to hot or cold liquids and make sure to protect it with an appropriate device like a sling or crutches.