The Competitive Advantage: The Mobile Way

Information has never been easier to obtain than it is today. For healthcare, this means that one of the tightest lids of any industry in terms of easily available answers is now starting to show some daylight. Whether you were a physician, administrator, or patient, you took the word of your most trusted partner, ally, and expert without questioning it because it wasn’t your area of expertise. But now, you can ask “why?” and get multiple opinions. You can verify those answers by researching online, reaching out to other healthcare professionals, and talking amongst your peers. The time is now to get accurate information, and to make sure you are using that information as effectively as possible.

Physicians are busier than ever trying to keep up with ever-changing regulations, reimbursement, requirements, patient advocacy, and governance that is constantly surrounding them. Who can they trust and where do they go for the answers to help them through this challenging environment? Do they have time to get multiple opinions and feedback? Too many decisions are being made by the initial information that is given to them by a partner or ally that they believe is better equipped to answer it than they are. Isn’t there a better way?

Given that there has never been more pressure on physicians and their practices, shouldn’t they ask their partners, vendors, patients, employees, and hospitals for their feedback on what matters most? Hundreds of practices, systems, physicians, and administrators are being led to believe untrue and harmful information, which has led to unnecessary risk that needs to be stopped, especially at a time when so much is being thrown at doctors that they have never experienced before.

Physicians are at the foundation of value-based care and what it will take to succeed in the future. More procedures are moving out of the hospital into your ASC’s and offices to lower costs and improve patient outcomes. Who is there to guide you through that process? Trusting the wrong people and not asking them to back up their guidance could be the one mistake in today’s healthcare world that leads to unfortunate outcomes that could have been avoided. The first step is to start evaluating your risks, your opportunities, and determine if this decision is in the best interest of your patients, practice, and self.

It is more important than ever to double check everything related to liability, patient experience, online feedback, new requirements, hiring staff, among all the other facets of running a practice. This series is dedicated to asking the right questions of your vendors, partners, and staff, and having them evaluate themselves to prove their worth. The world and your patients are watching, so what are you doing to protect yourself and your future?

We hope these tips and resources give you what you need to make this as efficient and effective as possible to put your practice and future on the path towards a thriving future.

We will be following up with specifics around false assumptions and information out there on patient experience, liability, certification, emergency preparedness, fiscal responsibility, perioperative care, appropriate resources, anesthesia, equipment, and regulation. It is overwhelming, but we are here to help sort through all of it for improved outcomes for you and your patients.


"The Mobile Way Forward" Episode 1 Available Now

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