Three Ways Your Anesthesia Provider Can Improve Physician Quality of Life

The benefits associated with performing surgical procedures in an office-based setting are plenty. Beyond the financial incentives, which include higher reimbursements, many physicians are moving away from hospitals and surgery centers because of the improved quality of life often associated with performing procedures at their own office. In addition to greater control over their schedules, scheduling delays and limited operating rooms are no longer an issue when performed in office. The result is a more efficient, streamlined calendar with no additional travel required. A practice’s choice in anesthesia provider can further enhance the physician experience.

Following are three ways Mobile Anesthesiologists can further improve the physician experience and, ultimately, quality of life.

1. When the correct medication and balance of sedation is used throughout a surgical procedure, patients fall asleep, emerge, and recover quicker. The result is a more efficient, streamlined schedule. Mobile Anesthesiologists ensures unnecessary sedation-related delays (and risks) are avoided so patients can go home sooner. For example, on average, Mobile Anesthesiologist’s GI physician clients have successfully freed-up almost an hour and a half of their schedule since utilizing Mobile’s services. With the additional time, physicians can perform more cases and/or see patients in-between cases (a key benefit of performing procedures in office versus traveling to a hospital or surgery center).

2. There is a level of risk, and fear, when deciding to perform surgical cases in an office-based setting. The team at Mobile Anesthesiologists significantly lessons these concerns so that physicians can focus on what they need to do (and not anesthesia). Our anesthesia providers are physicians and all of our nurses are trained in critical care. And while emergencies are rare, if they do happen, our personnel are equipped to step in and handle the situation.

3. Every physician, patient and procedure must be a priority for anesthesia providers. Otherwise quality of care will suffer. Anesthesia groups that specialize in hospital services tend to treat offices like second-class citizens (whether they mean to or not) because it isn’t the most important or focused area of their organization. Mobile Anesthesiologists specializes exclusively in office-based surgical care therefore our clients are our top priority. Rather than rotating out staff on a periodic basis, Mobile Anesthesiologists assigns clients a dedicated team of anesthesiologists and nurses that integrate themselves as part of the office team. With a client retention rate of greater than 95 percent and more than two decades of experience exclusively in the physician office space, Mobile Anesthesiologists has a proven track record of success.

Anesthesia provider performance directly affects a facility’s success – everything from patient outcomes to surgeon satisfaction to case volume. Mobile Anesthesiologists’ turnkey approach, including nurses and related meds, supplies, and equipment, significantly reduces the resources and expense involved with office-based surgical procedures. We deliver the highest level of clinical care and patient experience while enhancing the operational and financial goals of our clients.


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