Anesthesiologist Finds Long-Desired Work-Life Balance

Before joining the team at Mobile Anesthesiologists, Dr. Meghan Tadel spent six years on staff at a large hospital system. The hours were long, and days chaotic. A typical work week ranged from 60, 70, even 80 hours. The early mornings, rotating late shifts, overnight shifts, weekends, and holidays were exhausting and inconvenient. Although Dr. Tadel didn’t have any specific responsibilities when not at the hospital, the day-to-day chaos typical in a hospital environment combined with an erratic work schedule created an emotional toll that never left. Unable to shut it off, work became life.

A mom with young children, Dr. Tadel wanted a more traditional, streamlined schedule with significantly less stress. She also wanted assurance that she would be there every year on Christmas morning with her children. The desire to reclaim balance between life and work led her to Mobile Anesthesiologists.

In an office-based environment she has set office hours which creates a more predictable schedule. Procedures are elective which means that they are planned in advance, for the most part. There are no emergencies. Days are structured. While there may be an occasional last-minute change to a case, it is much less chaotic and dramatic than at a hospital. Today Dr. Tadel values her 35-40 hour work-week (which is considered full-time). Weekends and holidays are hers to enjoy. In the words of Dr. Tadel, “Mobile Anesthesiologists gave me back my life.”

A new challenge

While there was initial trepidation that an office environment would get boring over time, now in her sixth year with Mobile Anesthesiologists, that is certainly not the case. Even though the environment is simple, it’s not easy. Dr. Tadel enjoys the challenge of working with time constraints and doing what she can to ensure patients are awake and ready to go as quickly and safely as possible.

There is also an added level of customer service that is required. While Dr. Tadel doesn’t necessarily answer to the physicians she works with, she must take them—and their patients— into consideration when making decisions.

The biggest challenge when working in an office setting is performing at your highest measure so that emergencies do not happen. Unlike a hospital where other surgeons and anesthesiologists are close by, in an office there is no one to come running in the event there is an emergency. This requires navigating the best care for a patient so they are not put in a in a dangerous situation. It also requires having a system in place for what happens if/when an emergency does occur.

A key benefit of being part of the Mobile Anesthesiologists family is the team travels with all of its own equipment including full crash carts and portable stretchers (in the event something happens and a patient must be transported out of the building). Mobile Anesthesiologists staff bring their own medication and critical care trained nursing staff, all of which have either worked in an ER or ICU prior to being employed by Mobile Anesthesiologists.

Dr. Tadel explains, “To know that a patient is really afraid and then when they say, ‘Wow, that was really easy. I don’t know what I was worried about,’ that’s satisfying.”

A unique opportunity

The office-based setting is a truly unique model in that a part-time schedule works well in this environment. A third of the doctors at Mobile Anesthesiologists work two to four days a week. And as office-based procedures grow, so will the opportunities for anesthesiologists to select a field of specialization.

For anesthesiologists who want more independence and more control over their schedule, consider an office setting. Beyond the above-mentioned benefits, it’s exciting to be on the forefront of something that is helping change the healthcare landscape. Dr. Tadel adds, “Anesthesiologists will play a key role in the long-term success of office-based surgical practices by helping physicians maintain the highest patient safety standards. I take great pride in knowing I am part of something revolutionary.”


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