Office-Based Anesthesia Services

A turnkey anesthesia and peri-operative solution for any office-based surgical practice.

How It Works

Your Office Is Now Your Own Surgical Center

It’s convenient, efficient, and costs less.

Mobile helps physician offices and ASCs deliver the same high-quality care as hospitals while eliminating OR delays, inefficiencies, and travel time. Expect better outcomes and lower costs to your patients with Mobile Anesthesiologists.

Mobile is more than just an anesthesia provider. Our turnkey solution includes pre-operative screening, on-site recovery care by a critical-care trained, ACLS-certified nurse, and all anesthesia-related medications, supplies, equipment, and emergency resources. 

We can prove what we say. Let us show you.

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When mobile is in our office, we know our patients are receiving top notch care.

“Mobile anesthesia is a great company to work with for our sedation needs. Scheduling patients couldn’t be easier, and the pre- and post-op team is exceptional. Dr. Maicke is our favorite anesthesiologist; she is amazing with both parents and children. When mobile is in our office, we know our patients are receiving top notch care. I would highly recommend mobile to any other office for their sedation needs.”

Mary Fanta

Office Manager, Southwest Pediatric Dental

Experience a Turnkey Office-Based Anesthesia Solution

Imagine an anesthesia service that pops in (and out) of your office or establishes a permanent presence, whatever any practice of any size may need. With Mobile, you can provide office-based surgical procedures without compromising quality, resources, or outcomes with us.

More Information

Preoperative patient screening

Dedicated anesthesia providers

Nursing & clinical support staff

Anesthesia equipment & supplies

Anesthesia medications

Onsite emergency resources

Online scheduling & patient portal

Anesthesia-specific EMR

Quality & safety management

Compliance programs

Performance metrics

In-house billing

Everybody Wins

Physicians, patients, and payers all benefit from shifting procedures from hospitals and surgery centers to the office-based setting.


More Procedures Performed in Same Block Time

Hours Saved per Procedure Day by eliminating travel time and facility delays


Cost Savings to Patients (and Payers) by Eliminating Facility Fees

Comprehensive Support

More Than Just an Anesthesia Provider

Local anesthesia team. National infrastructure. 

Mobile’s AAAHC accredited anesthesia practice does more than just provide your office-surgical suite with an anesthesia provider. Our turnkey model supplies all of the anesthesia-related medications, supplies, equipment, and emergency resources including a full crash cart with emergency airway supplies, as well as critical care trained, ACLS-certified nurses and other clinical support personnel to provide pre-op and recovery care.

And that’s only the beginning.

Nursing & Clinical Support

ACLS-certified RNs, clinical support staff, and anesthesia technicians who transport our equipment and supplies for each procedure.

In-house Billing

From verifying insurance benefits and estimating out-of-pocket responsibility to appealing erroneous denials, our billing team is an advocate for our patients.


Supply chain team ensures our anesthesia team always has the anesthesia-related equipment, supplies, and medications they need for every case.

Operational Support

Our team will help you build a sustainable in-office surgical practice and ensure compliance with Illinois state regulations and accreditation standards, including AAAHC, Quad A, and Joint Commission.

Experienced Office-based Anesthesia Services

Years Ambulatory Experience

Patients cared for


Net Promoter Score


Client Retention Rate

Benefits of Office-Based Anesthesia

Better Business. Better Outcomes. Everybody Wins.

Perform up to 50% more procedures in the same amount of block time. And, improve the patient and staff experience while you do it.

Mobile’s anesthesia services reduce same day cancellations and complications, saving you time, increasing your revenue, and meeting (or exceeding) ASC Quality Collaboration national benchmarks for patient safety.

Your Ambulatory Anesthesia Services Partner

Mobile believes there is a best setting of care for each patient. Surgery centers and pediatric dental offices play vital roles for more complex or higher acuity cases. We provide outpatient anesthesia services wherever you operate.

Nurse And Child Wearing Face Masks, Bumping Elbows

Pediatric Dental

Mobile pioneered office-based anesthesia. That same expertise supports pediatric dental and oral surgery patients in the office.

operating surgeon wearing face mask

Surgery Centers

Improve flow and efficiency while increasing surgeon satisfaction and reducing cancellations, delays, and complications.
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About Us

Mobile Anesthesiologists is Chicago-founded and physician led. 

Over 25 years ago, Mobile Anesthesiologists set out to change healthcare. Today, they are the nation’s leading office-based anesthesia partner, combining the sophistication and infrastructure of a large, nation-wide anesthesia group with the personal touch of carefully selected providers from patient communities.

This blend of nationally recognized expertise and community orientation that allows Mobile to render a better patient, surgeon, and facility experience.

Our Story

Bring Anesthesia Into Your Office with Mobile Anesthesiologists

With our turnkey model, you’ll improve throughput, enhance outcomes, create a more convenient service for your practice and patients, and deliver a better overall experience.

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