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Time-tested, expert anesthesia for pediatric dental patients

Pediatric Anesthesia Services

Safe, comfortable care for our very important patients!

We’re known for office-based anesthesia, but Mobile’s dedication to patient safety, satisfaction, and good outcomes has been available for pediatric dental patients since 1998, especially those in under-served communities. Just like with ASCs and offices, we go beyond the patient, our consultative approach helps dentists and oral surgeons safely and efficiently grow their practice.

We provide arrangements that support client and patient needs, including but not limited to:

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Nurse And Child Wearing Face Masks, Bumping Elbows

Mobile is heads above the rest.

“We have used several anesthesia groups in the past. Mobile is heads above the rest. They offer remarkable patient care and are great to work with! Dr Maicke truly is the best.”

Chicago Pediatric Dentist

Benefits of Office-Based Anesthesia for Pediatric Dentistry and Oral Surgery

Better Experience. Better Outcomes.  Everybody Wins.

Mobile brings hospital quality anesthesia, recovery, and safety to pediatric dental patients across Chicago.

  • Convenient and comfortable setting for both dentists and their patients
  • Ability to complete all dental work within one session, no need for multiple visits
  • Eases dental anxiety and discomfort
  • Increased accessibility to care, no wait times to get on the OR schedule, which means timely care and less long-term medical/dental problems
  • Affordable fees, eliminates the facility fee while still receiving facility level quality care
  • More procedures, same amount of time
  • Reduced same day cancellations

Team members specialized in in administering General Anesthesia to Pediatric Dental patients

How It Works

Experience a Turnkey OBA Solution

It’s convenient, efficient, and costs less.

Imagine an anesthesia service that pops in (and out) of your office or establishes a permanent presence, whatever any practice of any size may need.

With Mobile, you can provide office-based dental procedures to your pediatric patients without compromising quality, resources, or outcomes with us.

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A first rate anesthesia group

“Mobile is a first rate anesthesia group providing remarkable patient oriented care.” 

Dr. Sean Mcguire, DDS

 Comprehensive Support

More Than Just an Anesthesia Provider

Mobile is a part of the Chicago medical and dental community. We found our home as a trusted partner by fiercely following one goal: What does it take to be not just the best anesthesia partner, but the single greatest relationship our clients could have? 

That’s why our care starts well before your child’s procedure.

Our secure, patient-friendly portal collects a complete medical history. Nursing staff review the history and contact the patient’s family with any questions as well as to provide pre-anesthesia information and instructions.

They also communicate any and all important reminders before the procedure via text message, so parents have them right at their fingertips. Most importantly, we are here to listen and answer questions to ensure your patients and families are comfortable. Dental procedures and anesthesia have long been a source of fear. 

That’s why we strive to not just help reduce procedure and recovery pain as anesthesiologists, but take the guesses, anxiety, and concerns away from patients and partners like you. 


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Patient Safety First

Pediatric trained, PALS-certified physician anesthesiologist and critical care trained, PALS certified pre-and post-op (recovery) nurse

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Supplies and Load Out

Anesthesia-related equipment, supplies, medications supplied by our team, including a full pediatric crash cart, at our cost

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Technology Support

Anesthesia-specific EMR

Actionable Data

Quality and safety performance metrics shared quarterly

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Expert Consultation

Assistance with compliance and accreditation

Our Anesthesia Group’s Promise to Dental and Oral Surgery Teams

Enhance your outcomes with experienced anesthesia services.

With our local anesthesia group collaborating with your pediatric dental team, you’ll improve efficiencies and reduce the obstacle to successful surgeries. That’s the Mobile promise.

Improve Case Throughput

Improve Efficiency

Reduce Case Cancellations

Reduce Delays

Reduce Complications

Your Pediatric Dental and Oral Surgery Anesthesia Services Partner

Mobile believes every patient deserves the best surgical experience, one that supports quick recovery and less overall fear of healthcare. Pediatric oral surgeons and dentists, especially those serving Medicaid populations,  play vital roles in providing accessible care. We provide outpatient anesthesia services where they’re most needed.

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Office-Based Procedures

Use our turnkey office-based anesthesia services to turn your office into a surgical suite for the day.
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Surgery Centers

Improve flow and efficiency while increasing surgeon satisfaction and reducing cancellations, delays, and complications.
Nurse And Child Wearing Face Masks, Bumping Elbows


About Us

Mobile Anesthesiologists is Chicago-founded and physician led. 

Over 25 years ago, Mobile Anesthesiologists set out to change healthcare. Today, they are the nation’s leading office-based anesthesia partner, combining the sophistication and infrastructure of a large, nation-wide anesthesia group with the personal touch of carefully selected providers from patient communities.

This blend of nationally recognized expertise and community orientation that allows Mobile to render a better patient, surgeon, and facility experience.

Our Story

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