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Will my insurance cover anesthesia in the office setting?

This is dependent on your specific insurance policy. Anesthesia is a covered benefit under most medical insurance policies and may be subject to your deductible, co-insurance, and/or copay. We recommend that you contact your insurance company and ask if anesthesia is a covered benefit in the office setting.

Are you in-network with all insurance carriers?

We are contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and most major commercial insurance plans. In those limited instances when we do not have a direct agreement with an insurance carrier, most carriers will process our claim in-network because we are considered a secondary provider. This means that as long as your surgeon and/or facility is in-network with a carrier, our claim will be processed under your in-network benefit.

Can you tell me what I will owe for my procedure?

Unfortunately, anesthesia is time based and we cannot accurately estimate your out-of-pocket expense prior to your procedure. Further, many insurance companies will not quote benefits for specific medications and supplies that may be used during the procedure.

I cannot see my balance when I make a payment. Do I still have a balance?

Unfortunately, the patient online payment portal is not linked to our billing system so it will not display your balance. Please feel free to email or call our office if you need your balance information.

Why am I receiving a bill so late?

In efforts to reduce patient responsibility as much as possible, we exhaust all options before finally releasing the balance to our patients. This can include multiple phone calls, appeals, and conversations with your insurance company to make sure they make payment on everything they should under your benefit plan.

Why are there so many services listed on my explanation of benefits?

We bill for the anesthesiologist’s services, nursing services provided before, during and after your procedure, and anesthesia-related drugs, supplies, and equipment that are needed for your procedure. This results in multiple line items billed to encompass all the costs.

Why an I receiving a bill for a screening colonoscopy?

Although your insurance covers your screening colonoscopy at 100%, anesthesia medications, supplies, equipment and nursing care provided to you before, during, and after your procedure may be subject to your deductible, co-insurance, and/or copay.

Why am I receiving a bill even though I made a payment last week?

We truly appreciate your timely payment and apologize for the repetitive bill. The bill was sent prior to us receiving your payment due to the time it takes for the payment to be processed. If you need clarification on your outstanding balance, please feel free to email or call our office and we will be more than happy to assist.

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