Why Mobile?

The accelerating tailwinds of payers, patients, value-based care, and COVID-19 have had a positive impact on the physician office space over the past two years.  In this post-COVID world, we will continue to see patients look for alternatives to hospitals and ASCs to receive care. Payers will increase incentives to encourage physicians, especially proceduralists, to shift care to the office setting.  Physicians will pursue opportunities to increase their productivity and efficiency by leveraging technology and their physical office space to care for their growing patient base.  The office setting is and will continue to be the answer for patients and physicians, emphasizing safety, experience, and cost savings. For the first time in a long time, all healthcare stakeholders are aligned and will benefit from this continued shift.

Mobile Anesthesiologists’ mission is to assist our office-based clients in providing an unparalleled office-based surgical experience.  We have 25 years of experience working in the office-based setting and we know and enjoy all of the idiosyncrasies that go with it!  The office is our niche and we hire anesthesiologists, nurses, and other clinical support staff that understand why the office is unique and that our customers include not only our patients, but the proceduralists and their office staff.

Our turnkey solution alleviates the headaches associated with procedure days by managing the overall perioperative flow, staffing the physician anesthesiologists and pre/post-op recovery room nurses, and providing, managing, and maintaining all anesthesia-related medications, supplies and equipment, all at our cost. Our model has proven to increase efficiency, patient experience, and physician satisfaction while also driving additional top-line revenue to each of the office-based clients we serve.

Mobile has been accredited with AAAHC since 1999 and has performed more than 300,000 cases without a malpractice payout.  We are proud to say that we provide the same patient safety protocols found in hospital or surgery centers.  Everything we provide is at our cost to ensure a safe anesthetic for your patients.  Our 99% client retention rate and 99% patient net promotor score speak to our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience.

Mobile has been and will continue to be a reliable partner to all of our office-based clients.  We hope to expand those partnerships and assist more proceduralists on their journey to shift more cases to this lower acuity setting.  We can be better together!  #25YearsStrong!

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